Purposeful You Mastermind

This is an invitation to join a supportive community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs creating an impact in the world.

A mastermind is a community of peers who exchange ideas, provide support, and offer sound advice for running a successful business.

According to Forbes, a mastermind aims to help you navigate challenges using the group's collective intelligence.

A mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring opportunity where members purposefully engage in focused and actionable conversations in an effort for all members to learn and grow..

Incredible Growth

Purposeful You mastermind is for entrepreneurs who desire a 10X thriving business and a wildly fulfilling life…

Meaningful Connections

Often feel disconnected and alone. we need real life, human-to-human connection to be at our happiest and healthiest. There’s real magic in being surrounded & supported by other entrepreneurs who deeply understand what it’s like to grow & lead a business. We believe in fostering meaningful relationships that empower us all to thrive.

increased authority and visibility

Gain access to high-level marketing strategies that I’m learning in my own business and mastermind groups

How can this community benefit you?

While I consult with clients one-on-one regularly, there are areas at which I'm outsource to industry experts. Learning from others' expertise is a critical pillar of getting better together. That's why guest experts present on topics such as strategic sales, how to handle economic fluctuations, legal considerations, and marketing and PR and more.

I created and carefully curated my community because I wanted to be surrounded with purposeful indiviuals and goal-getters like you. 

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$750 per month

Limited time offer.


In 6 Months together you will 


Unlock your full potential and achieve long-term success


Push you beyond your current limits


Expand your connections and elevate your business


Discover new ideas and implement them with confidence


Get support in all aspects of transforming your six-figure business


Pause and get off the hamster wheel of running a growing (and sometimes hectic) business that is leaving you exhausted and feeling inadequate...

You must apply to the mastermind, this deposit holds your spot. If you are not accepted, your deposit will be fully refundable.



You want a community of like-minded individuals around you who GET IT.


You want to achieve big dreams, and you're committed to making them a reality.


You want a business that fits into your lifestyle


You want to collaborate and connect with other brilliant individuals like you


You believe in giving more than taking and you intend to go all in with your business and personal growth


You need a push toward your goals–and give you the strategy you need to get there

You must apply to the mastermind, this deposit holds your spot. If you are not accepted, your deposit will be fully refundable.



Julie is a highly sought-after speaker, business coach, and author dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses. 

She brings a wealth of experience from both the corporate & entrepreneurial worlds to the table. She spent the over 20 years of her professional career climbing the corporate ladder working on sales & marketing for some incredibly successful brands, including.

She managed and activated multi-million dollar marketing budgets, advertising campaigns, and sponsorships, which gave her real-life training on how to build big, world class brands.

As a paid speaker, top podcaster, #1 bestselling author, Julie leverages her expertise to guide individuals toward positive behavioral changes that lead to lasting success. 

Her coaching expertise extends beyond this domain, as she is also a Thrive Global Certified coach, providing holistic guidance to her clients whenever they need it


Our Mastermind

a Foundation to build upon

Access to live, bi-weekly group strategy-focused meetings called "Power Sessions" that unveil building blocks of a small business game plan that work

Confidence to live your dreams

Accountability to help you push through challenges and follow through and a sounding board for decisions and drawing from other entrepreneurs’ experience and expertise

skills to build scale your brand and business

Q&A group sessions to be coached through challenges in your unique business help in growing your brand and visibility

Last time, mastermind filled up in 2 days. Make sure you get in before the doors close!

Empowering relationships formed through common goals and Accountability to crush the goals you set for yourself

Julie is supportive, detailed, knowledgeable and challenges you to think beyond the basics of running and growing a successful business.

Natalie Kime

Julie makes the steps to growing one’s business seem less overwhelming, and instead, much more doable, a small step at a time.

Lynn Girardi

Julie has helped us tap into our inner CEOs to better manage our business. Working with Julie is life-changing!

Nancy and Amy  Harrington

As someone who is super feelings and intuition driven, I really need support that brings be back to earth to create tangible outcomes.

Lauren Best

Grow your brand and reach by joining forces with other entreprenuers looking to increase their authorty and build a purposeful filled business